Thursday, March 20, 2008

Valliant: Holly Black

After missing the train to a hockey game that Val was going to with her boyfriend she got home to find him and her mom making out in the couch. Mad, she runs away and meets some new friends, Sketchy Dave and Lolli. She lives down in an abondond subway with them and Dave's brother Luis who has the Faery sight.

When lolli starts shooting her arm with nevermore Val joins in. Nevermore like magic, you can echant people, and do whatever you want. But when Vall and Lolli are caught sneeking into a trolls home to get more she finds herself doing anything to keep lolli safe, sacrificing herself she is sentences to a month of servitude to the troll. A series of murders and figures pointing at the troll, Ravus, they are attacked by and ogre and his followers. Val saves the trools life and now he owes her a dept. She wants him to teacher her how to use a sword and they start to fall in love.

Mabry is seeking revenge on Ravus for killing her lover, when she goes to Ravus's and cuts out his heart Val and his love is tested, she must get the heart back from Mabry before its too late by dueling her in the Unseelie court.

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