Thursday, June 12, 2008

13 Reasons Why: Jay Asher

Clays life changes when he gets a mysterious box from a unknown source. He opens it to find 7 tapes, with a story on each side. When he put the tapes in him Walkman he hear the voice of his good friend and the girl he was secretly crushing on, she had committed suicide months before. As he listens to the tapes he follows the map that was given to him with them. While on an emotional roller coaster he finds his true self and finds out so much about why Hannah killed herself.

Jay Asher is brilliant in this book, I’m not going to say its one of those page turners, you get in done in one day kind of book. Its so much more, you have to let everything soak in and really think about the story to really get what its about and understand. I would read one chapter and sit and think about it for at least and hour. Its not something that you can blow though and move on.

It’s an amazing story and it changes you input on life, you really start to think about your actions and the way you treat others after reading this book. I advise EVERYONE to read it, even if you don’t like reading books that are sad, or about suicide because that’s not what its all about, its like a setting, just there to serve as a background, the real story is between the lines and how you read it.


Cynthia said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I am a Media Specialist for high school students and I want to make this a school wide read!!

Books & Reviews said...

I agree... this book was great and should be read by school age children.