Saturday, February 7, 2009

my bookshelf

So it seems like everyone is posting pics of their room and bookshelf, I thought I should post mine too : ). Well at least of my bookshelf, my room isn't very exciting yet because its just drywall (we are waiting to get the rest of the basement done before we spacle and paint my room)

Sorry for the sideways picture, I wasn't thinking when I took it. The top 2 rows ate books to read, the bottom two rows are already read. I'm missing a couple on the bottom row ... hmm
: (

Already read shelf 1.

Already Read shelf 2.

To be read shelf 1. (theirs a mini book i made of my nephew on that shelf)

To be read shelf 2.

Thanks for looking!



TinaFerraro said...

Great fun! And my, you have got a busy year ahead of you!

robin_titan said...

That's an awesome looking bookshelf you got there!

sarah said...

thanks, lol I went through a phase, right before I started reading like crazy, and I spent like $200 on new books and a mooched a lot, it was bad lol (but the books were worth it)